Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Raw materials, Armstrong starts by inspecting and grading every board to ensure each will meet their rigid quality standards. Only the best pass their inspection. Precise drying, a key step in preparing the wood, they dry the lumber in state-of-the-art kilns that are constantly monitored by highly trained technicians to ensure the boards meet the specifications required to produce superior quality flooring. Grading standards, once deemed ready for production, each board is meticulously graded and any unacceptable material is removed before milling. Precision milling, all planks are made straight, sanded to a consistent thickness, and machined to create a perfect tongue and groove fit. Adhering to the strictest standards during the milling process ensures reliable quality and consistency of all floor planks, from carton to carton. The planks install easily and fit together snugly for a finished floor that is stable, even and consistent. Advanced color management, Armstrong uses computerized color monitoring systems to assure the highest level of color monitoring systems to assure the highest level of color consistency from board to board and carton to carton, catching and correcting variations too subtle to be distinguished by the human eye. Superior finish systems, multi-layer ultraviolet cured aluminum oxide urethane coating systems are factory applied to provide exceptional stain resistance and 5 to 10 times more wear resistance than other finish systems. With their variety of proprietary finishes Armstrong creates a range of looks, from low-gloss to high-gloss, as well as hardwoods for light, moderate or heavy traffic areas. Their exclusive Permion finish is so durable, it even stands up to commercial use. The painstaking attention to detail that begins with the design process continues throughout every stage of manufacturing, from lumber selection to final finishing. Rigorous quality control, including more than 50 inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process, guarantees floors that install precisely and look beautiful for a lifetime.

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