Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Floors Open New Doors To Creativity!

At Good Brothers Flooring Plus we believe that dreaming is as important as doing. That's why the floors we offer are very special. While we are pioneers in the way today's floors are made, it's not just about quality manufacturing and innovative details. It's about what our floors can do.

Our floors open new doors to creativity. They help you express your personality and bring dreams to life. They set the mood and allow you to create spaces that truly make you feel at home.

We're not just a retailer, we're a dream showroom! And by dreaming, we're changing what you expect from floors. Because we believe it is amazing what a floor can do.

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There's something inviting about DOWN-TO-EARTH cottage style. This popular look invites guests to kick up their feet and relax. Cottage style is an attitude, not a set of hard-and-fast rules. The goal is simply to create a bright and happy space that reflects the informality of a home away from home.

Light-and-airy is the order of the day for a cottage-style room. Crisp white or creamy ivory should cover most surfaces, from trim to furniture, to create the perfect background for small pops of color. For accents, choose colors plucked from nature (green, blue, brown and yellow) to mimic the look of sun, sand and sea.

Bring the outdoors in with accessories made from natural materials. Choose trays, coffee tables or accent chairs made of wicker, rattan and bamboo to add layers of texture to a simple, white room. Take the look a step further and turn nature into artwork by putting starfish, seashells or butterflies on display.

Nothing says "cottage" more than crisp white slipcovers. Use them to coordinate a group of mismatched furnishings or to give a formal sofa a more relaxed look. Simple slipcovers are comfortable, attractive and easy to clean.

In keeping with the informal feeling of a cozy cottage, the look of bare wood floors is a good option. Choose new planks with imperfections or a heavy grain for a warm, lived-in feeling. If keeping floors uncovered feels cold, add area rugs made of natural fibers, such as sisal or cotton.


SIMPLICITY is the hallmark of Arts and Crafts style. Know for clean lines, warm wood tones and a focus on function, the aesthetic is sophisticated and cozy. With ornamentation kept to a minimum, the appeal of this popular design style is the craftsmanship.

A light color palette, including neutral walls, creates a clean background that allows the woodwork of floors, moldings and furnishings to shine. Accents in deep shades of green, blue, yellow and red should be used sparingly on such accessories as pottery, painted tile and fabric. Choose lighting and hardware in hammered copper or burnished brass.

Arts and Crafts style is most commonly associated with bungalows, but it can be adapted to fit almost any style home. If your house is not blessed with classic Craftsman architecture, such as built-in cabinets and lush woodwork, strive for an eclectic look. Aim for the spirit of Arts and Crafts style instead of a literal interpretation.

It is not surprising that Arts and Crafts style is experiencing a strong revival. Its signature features - intricate woodwork, rustic materials and a utilitarian focus - are simple and appealing, combining to create an American classic.

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