Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The desire to preserve and protect our natural resources has inspired a whole new world of innovative design. Exotic Fusion is one such innovation, fulfilling the desire to create new and exciting hardwood designs without depleting the world's rarest and most beautiful tropical forests. Exotic hardwood species are prized for their unique character, striking grain patterns and depth of natural color. To capture this look, Armstrong began with four abundant domestic species known for their exceptional graining: maple, mountain elm, ash and birch. Individual boards are selected with special attention to the character of the grain. A special thermal treatment process caramelizes the wood, producing rich colors and distinctive grain effects remarkably similar to exotic woods. The time and temperature are precisely controlled for each species, as a range of extraordinary shades and effects can be achieved simply by adjusting these variables. No stains are necessary. The thermal process colors the entire plank. The smooth surface and dramatic details of Exotic Fusion are at home in a wide range of settings, from transitional to contemporary to global designs. It's the perfect choice for anyone who demands the new and exciting, but wants to do so responsibly.

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