Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Take your home back to the Gilded Age of French royalty with the opulent, ornate look of Baroque design. The style's rich colors, bold shapes and lavish ornamentation make it easily recognizable. Twisted columns, oversized moldings and monumental staircases are prominent features in classic Baroque homes, but not necessary for a modern interpretation. Instead, infuse your home with a sense of history by incorporating more practical touches. Aged or rugged wood floors and faux-finished walls add texture. Choose substantial antique or reproduction furnishings that are sculptural, highly detailed and made from rich woods. Major pieces should be embellished with scrollwork, acanthus leaves and scrolled legs. Cover upholstered pieces in luxurious fabrics, such as velvet or chenille. Add accent pieces such as small consoles, gilded cabinets, chairs with carved scroll legs and marble tables. Neutral shades are frequently used on the walls, allowing the fine antique furniture and lavish accessories to be the stars. Other accessories that are well-suited to the look include ornate mirrors, crystal-dressed chandeliers, antique porcelain and bronze pieces. Baroque style is classic, regal and feminine. Whether you add just a few elements of the look or strive for an authentic top-to-bottom makeover, Baroque detailing can make even the newest home feel like a finely appointed European manor.

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