Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Create Your Own Idea Book

You know what you like - and that's the most important place to start when you're choosing a decorative product like flooring for your home. Start collecting photos from magazines and websites that reflect ideas or looks you want to "copy" for your own. Put them into a folder or binder so you can show your flooring retailer the look you're after - because after all, you'll be living wit your new flooring for a long time to come.

A Few Tips on Design

Light-colored floors can help make a space seem brighter and larger while dark-colored floors lend drama and character.

It doesn't have to be a "perfect match". Flooring needn't match your furniture or cabinets to make itself at home. Combining different woods will add visual interest and excitement.

Mid-t0-large size rooms call for wider width flooring that is more in scale with the room's overall dimensions.

Narrow planks help "stretch" your space. Install the flooring across the narrowest width of the room or on the diagonal for a more expansive feeling.

For a less formal look, try mixing wide and narrow width planks. Beveled edges, lighter colors and textured surfaces can also soften up the look.

Defining the Details

Color adds life and personality to a space, setting the mood for the entire room. A splash of red, for example, hints at your sense of passion while yellow is a vibrant, happy color. And nothing says "regal" quite like purple! Colors even seem to affect the "temperature" of a room - reds and oranges feel warm, while blues and greens feel cool.

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