Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vinyl Floors Still A Good Choice!

Long a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom floors, vinyl has been locked in a long fight to fend off the intrusion of ceramic tile and hardwood into it's territory.
Vinyl does have technology on it's side to help in the battle, and this is an important point in any review of vinyl floor care. Vinyl or resilient flooring has been pushed along on a path of rapid and continual improvement. So much so, the quality of these floors available to you on the market only 10 years ago does not compare to what the industry leaders are producing today.
There has been major upgrading of surface durability and resistance to staining. The main attractions of vinyl remain the same. Vinyl or resilient flooring is an inexpensive floor covering. It's cushioned core makes it more comfortable for your feet and legs, and that same cushioning provides an insulating value that keeps your floor surface warmer to the touch.
If you think about it, these attractions also contribute most to the major detractions! Visit our showroom, we have a large selection of samples!

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